Advanced Security Systems,”A Division of USA Security Services, Inc.”

family owned and operated since 1976.

Today, access control options are increasing day by day.  Advanced has kept pace with all new products, and we are prepared to offer a wide range of options that are tailored to any budget.  Whether you need a single access door, or hundreds of doors, Advanced can design, install, and service the system that best fits your needs.  Systems that are fully networked, or browser based are readily available.  Biometric readers, iris, face, voice, fobs, and standard access cards cover every possible security level that a customer can envision.

Systems are designed by Advanced that fit the need, and we provide the necessary training for the client, so they can administrate their system locally, or in the cloud.

Please call us, or email us today, to obtain further information, or request a free on-site evaluation.

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